EPISODE 010: Everybody Loves a Catfight

Lucy stepped into corridor number [classified], thinking maybe she would explore the Sanctuary a bit. There’s so much here I don’t know about. Her mind wandered as she almost bumped into Agent Hourglass [personal name currently classified] stepping out of the conference room.

Their eyes immediately sized each other up as they had done before in the Society History class ...

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Lucy took in the curvaceous aspect of Hourglass’s classically styled yellow action costume as Hourglass obviously noticed the rollercoaster curves of Devilgirl’s hot-hot red devil costume.

Lucy smiled. “About time you showed up.”

“I was sleeping, darling, I did not hear the alarm.”

“You don’t sound so French anymore. Does that have something to do with time travel?”

“I was taking a French class, silly. I am Hungarian, you know that.” She took a step closer to Lucy. “I’m a gypsy girl.”

The tip of Hourglass’s tongue touched the bottom of her upper lip. “Nice vegetables,” she said.

Lucy’s eyes widened. “You didn’t just eat the pizza in the conference room ...”

“No darling, I don’t eat pizza, just the vegetables I ate, and the mushrooms.”

As she said the word a strange light came over her eyes.

“Uh oh,” said Lucy. Devilgirl raised her hands, grabbing onto Hourglass’s mind—just as Hourglass reached out to touch Devilgirl.

Lucy frowned. “I don’t think so. You’re under a bad influence. You’ve got to listen to me!”

“I don’t think so,” she mocked, reaching out and slapping Lucy’s cheek.

“You b****!”

Their eyes locked in a heated fury, their mutual influence blocking each other’s ability to control the situation mentally: the ladies grabbed at each other. Lucy screamed as Hourglass pulled her hair. Their hands tangled into each other. Their eyes filled with a crazy intense passion as their legs intertwined, fingers grabbing, pulling, slapping, pushing, yet seeming to caress. They pulled each other closer, closer, pushing into each other. “You’ve got to fight it,” Lucy whispered.

“Yesyes,” said Hourglass. “Hold onto me. I feel something pulling me. Do not let me go. Don’t let me go.”

Without thinking about it, the girls lips pressed against each other. [Editor’s Note: Of course we know this was all in the line of duty—to distract Hourglass’s mind from Mushroom control]. They breathed hot fire back and forth, the tongues touching, whispering to each other, secret messages, a life line, then holding close, closer, as Hourglass wept on Lucy’s shoulder.

Unknown to the girls, several Society members had come to witness this epic battle and for reasons unknown felt compelled not to interfere.


At some point Pig-Man became the voice of reason. “Kid, get rid of that god**** pizza! Mr. Twisted & Rubber Girl, get Hourglass to sickbay. She’s going to need induced vomiting and a shot of Thorazine 2.0.

Pig-Man grunted, but Kid Telepathy had to smile. He could hear Pig-Man’s thoughts loud and clear. Everybody loves a catfight, thought the Pig-Man. Yeah, totally, the Kid concurred. Everybody loves a catfight, maybe even the Mushroom Man.

American Strip continues ...

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SECRET SOCIETY: MONSTER ZIPPER by Bradley Mason Hamlin with art by Mort Todd!
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