LUCY: Firstly, and most importantly, are True Sounds Of Liberty still together? Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, says you guys recently broke up.

JACK: That's why I like Wikipedia so much because you can completely rewrite history. The other day I was on there and I found out that H. Rollins had invented punk rock and brought it to L.A. We have not broken up. We have just been on a bit of a break.

LUCY: Good to hear. What's the current line up of TSOL?

JACK: Myself, Ron Emory, Mike Roche, Greg Kuehn, and Anthony (Tiny) Buiso. It's the original lineup minus Todd who left this world a few years ago.

LUCY: Are there current record plans and/or a tour scheduled as of April, 2007?

JACK: Yes we have been talking about doing another record and releasing it on a nonprofit record label I started called Drunk Uncle Records. And we have been in negotiation for a select few U.S dates.

LUCY: How did the fans react to your run for Governor of California? Get much support?

JACK: I got as much support as I expected with a $500 dollar campaign budget and a bunch of felons on parole as friends. A good friend of mine was telling me that the Catholic Church should make me the Patron Saint of criminals and ne'er-do-wells, since my name is good in most of this country's finer Institutions.

LUCY: Give us a political rant:

JACK: No action taken .... Silence.

(That's called the politics of quiet resistance).

LUCY: Did you really marry a 14-year-old girl in Mexico? If so, what happened with that marriage?

JACK: Well she might of been a bit older when we married but I was following in the footsteps of Jerry Lee and Elvis plus she told me she was 18.

LUCY: Are all of the band members sober/clean at this point?

JACK: We really don't have much of a choice and besides once you learn to live a different lifestyle you don't want to go back. Irresponsible drug and alcohol use is nothing but a self centered trip anyway and once you wake up to that, the solution becomes very simple ... kill yourself or clean up and grow up.

LUCY: Why are the new so-called punk bands such pussies nowadays?

JACK: Because it's too safe and too easy. You can buy swastika armbands at the local mall and even Super Cuts has a Emo style haircut for the darkly disturbed. Where's the risk nowadays? The look and the sound has become so commercialized it dosen't take any balls to do it, and in the beginning Punk Rock was all about balls.

LUCY: Tell us a scary TSOL road story:

JACK: Five grown men with deep underlying emotional problems not sedated and riding around in a too small van with no showers for two weeks. It doesn't get much scarier than that.

LUCY: What song are you guys most proud of?

JACK: Pride's a sin, but we are probably most grateful for the songs that bring in a little cash and when I say little, I mean very little, would love to be proud about our music but pride dosen't pay the bills.

LUCY: I like "Darker My Love." Here's a clip of Jack getting groped by 80's chicks while performing for the 1984 film Suburbia.

LUCY: Besides punk rock, what else do you guys love?

JACK: Friends, Family and a nice cup of warm blood served off the naked back of my young virgin maid (or should I say undocumented worker?)

LUCY: Tell us a TSOL secret:

JACK: We are actually all Hard Core Republicans supporting truth liberty and the American destiny of total world domination.

"Lucy Hell/TSOL Interview" © 2007 Mystery Island Publications. Edited/formatted by Bradley Mason Hamlin. Photo of Lucy Hell in True Sounds Of Liberty shirt by BMH © 2007. Published April 29, 2007. All rights reserved.