The Dwarves are:

Blag the Ripper
The Fresh Prince of Darkness
Chip Fracture
Wholley Smokes
Gregory Pecker

Lucy: We heard a rumor that Hewhocannotbenamed is really Paul McCartney? Please explain:

Blag: HeWho is all things to all people. He transcends notions of right and wrong, good and evil, Time and Space. Also, McCartney's got that cute little accent.

Lucy: We've been enjoying The Dwarves Must Die CD on Mystery Island. Tell us a little bit about that album:

Blag: It comprises all genres: punk, pop, hip/hop, experimental, garage, surf. We hit all bases with that one and included a bunch of cheesey celeb guests, too. No collection is complete without it.

Lucy: Did you have fun hooking up with the Suicide Girls?

Blag: The Suicide Girls appear on the FEFU video. They beat the shit out of me for 8 hours and when it was done, we had a video. They were very "accommodating."

Lucy: Tell us a funny Dwarves concert story.

Blag: If you weren't there, don't fuck with it.

Lucy: Do you get fan/hate mail from actual dwarves?

Blag: Every year or so a little person comes to the show and tells us how great we are. Then we make fun of them.

Lucy: Why do so many of the newer punk bands suck?

Blag: The old ones sucked, too. At least the new ones shower!

Lucy: What do you call your female groupies, Dwarfettes? Midgets? Gidgets?

Blag: "Lucky."

Lucy: What punk bands get respect from the all mighty Dwarves?

Blag: I saw the Ramones, Misfits, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Replacements, Violent Femmes, Gang of Four, Minor Threat. What was the question again?

Lucy: Your favorite Dwarves song is?

Blag: Dominator.

[Editor's note: "Dominator (live)" is playing all week at the Voodoo Beat myspace profile:].

Lucy: Do you think the Monkees should get into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

Blag: Fuck yeah. I still have those cardboard 45s that came on the back of Honeycombs cereal. "Girl, look what you've done to me!"

Lucy: Have you ever considered covering that song from The Wizard of Oz that goes: "We represent the lollipop guild ..."?

Blag: No.

Lucy: Tell us a Dwarves secret, something no one knows about you guys.

Blag: I always fuck the girls who interview us!

Lucy: Good luck with that, you big Dwarf, but thank you so much for stopping by Mystery Island with all that sugary punk goodness. You are appreciated.

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"The Dwarves Blag Dahlia Interview" by Lucy Hell.
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