LUCY: Tell us the secret origin of Teen Slut. How did you guys come together under that title?

ERIC: Derrek, George, and I were in a band called THE WHOREMOANS. When everyone in the universe stole the name, I made the decision to change it to TEEN SLUT with hopes of offending someone's parents.

LUCY: And who are you guys? Give us names and instruments played, just like a 60’s album back cover breakdown:

ERIC: vocal/guitar. DERREK: bass/backing vocals. MARK: lead guitar. GEORGE:: drums/backing vocals.

LUCY: Why does Blag Dahlia think you guys are “the second greatest band in the world”—and since when do people listen to blag?

ERIC: I don't think Blag thinks about us at all.

DERREK: Because we are!

LUCY: Who wrote “Daughter of the Devil”? Are you like trying to invoke my mind control wrath?

ERIC: I wrote that and yes, I am trying to invoke something but I was thinking more of a tingling sensation in your loins.

LUCY: What’s the craziest thing that has happened on a Teen Slut stage so far?

ERIC: Derrek got whiskey drunk before going on and went on a Godzilla rampage destroying the P.A.,smashing his bass against the wall; wrecking everything in his path. Yep, it was wild.

LUCY: How do you handle all the horny stupid guys that come to your shows expecting to chase teen pussy?

ERIC: I wouldn't really know about horny stupid guys I'm much too busy looking for horny stupid girls.

LUCY: Who’s the biggest slut in the band?

ERIC: I'd say me and I hope to maintain this position till my dying day.

LUCY: Tell us about your song “Naked Girls” featured in a porno. What porno is it? Any good?

ERIC: Morphine directed/produced by the lovely Kimberly Kane.

It's a fantastic film, probably the greatest adult film I've ever seen and I've seen 'em all. Really great sexy,smutty, lesbians, anal, violence something there for everyone and a fantastic sound track.

LUCY: And tell us about your video of “Demon of the Snow.”

DERREK: Basically I took footage from other snowmobile videos and put our bad ass song behind it.

LUCY: Have you guys ever fantasized about having sex with the girls in Deadly Seven?

DERREK: Who wouldn't?

ERIC: Yes, often. In fact I have seven separate fantasies for each girl according to sin and one big orgy fantasy which is my personal favorite,very sinful...

LUCY: I have had that fantasy myself... If you could have super powers what would they be?

DERREK: Transportability.

ERIC: Mind control, so as I could manipulate a women's will and shamelessly molest them.

LUCY: Have you guys ever used any satanic rituals in your music? If no, why not?

ERIC: We're not too into religion or politics. More about sex, revenge, speed, superheroes; the things that really matter in life.

LUCY: Who said anything about religion... If you could fuck anybody in the world—who would that unlucky person be?

DERREK: That porn chick Savanna before she got AIDS and fuckin' killed herself.

ERIC: Ummm. Oh I know. Those twins from that Sister Sister show. They're all grown up but just as obnoxious as ever; so yeah fuck'em. Really nasty anger type sex. They look great but ya just gotta hate 'em and wanna fuck 'em at the same time.

One more bit of TEEN SLUT news. we will be putting together an album in the near future. Also keep an eye out for The Vindictives are Dead Tribute coming soon on Bouncing Betty Records. The song we chose is "Terrible Monster" with George on vocals.

Thank you so much, boys, super fun!


“Teen Slut Interview" by Lucy Hell.
Edited/formatted by Bradley Mason Hamlin. © 2009 by Mystery Island Publications. Published: 03.02.09.
All rights reserved.

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