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A New Year begins in the Secret Society Sanctuary kitchen as Secret Agent Adams, leaning against the back wall, admires a hot pot of coffee and the devilish blonde of his dreams ...

“Get me some breakfast, won’t you, Devilgirl?”

The steam rises from the coffeepot. “What? Are you kidding me? Who the hell do you think you are, Sean Connery?”

“Would you get breakfast for Sean Connery?”


“Then make me breakfast, cuz that guy’s like ninety years old.”

Cue coffee cup flying in Agent Adams' direction ...

"The Sean Connery Affair"

Script by Bradley Mason Hamlin.
Secret Agent Adams and Lucy Hell art by Mort Todd.

James Bond / Sean Connery art by JOHN SEVERIN.

Edited by Lucy Hell. © 2014 by Mystery Island Publications. Published: 01.03.14.
All rights reserved.