Well, you can't go to Comic-Con without checking out the cool/goofy toys created/designed to capture the essence of the pop culture we grew up with or a current representation from the one of the genres we so love.

For Herman, our star of the show, the Holy Grail existed in the form of a Marvel Legends Exclusive Kazar, Sabu, and Shanna the She-Devil action figure set.

In fact, that’s pretty much all Herman would talk about, but getting the exclusives ain’t that easy.

There are huge lines and complicated processing systems. You have to find a ticket upstairs then get back in line at a specific time, etc.

So, while Shanna waited for rescue …

We checked out some of the cool toys from DC and Marvel.

DC is still producing some pretty cool “animated” style Justice League figures.

Notice Giganta! Now we can make a true Legion of Doom! Where would we create such a display? I don’t know …

The reason I like these toys and like to buy them for my own kids is that they’re real toys, kid friendly, and made to be played with. I’m sorry, but I’m just not a fan of model-like “collector’s toys.”

Herman I got stuck inside a room, waiting for a “70’s Comic Book Panel.” However, while we waited the “action figure” panel was … happening.

And the fans asked questions:

“Will you be making a DC Direct Deluxe Flash figure with double-jointed knees?”

No (we thought) fuck off!

“Will the new Starfire have a different costume? If so, how much will be showing?”

And on and on …

Herman and I started seriously questioning the whole “collector” toy mentality.

But hey, check out this bitchin’ Red Skull with his “Cosmic Cube,” too cool!

Marvel’s Super Squad is by far the coolest toys they’ve had available for the past couple years. You can throw one of those against the wall and not worry if your precious action figure is going to break.

Speaking of breakable and “deluxe” figures … is there any greater comic character than Jack Kirby’s Fin Fang Foom?

I don’t think so.

These Exorcist figures were pretty creepy/cool ...

Well, after a tsunami of toy madness, I am happy to report that Herman did in fact score the Kazar box set!

Our time in San Diego was winding up so we checked back in with the rest of the creatively costumed ladies ...

... and other creative folks ...

Time to hit the road, but not before Herman got to say goodbye to Wonder Woman!

See ya next year.

Bradley Mason Hamlin (July 2008).

"Brad's Comic-Con 2008 Review" by Bradley Mason Hamlin.
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