LUCY: Where are you guys from, (whoís in the band), and how long has Verbal Abuse been playing together?

NICKI: The band is originally from Houston, TX but we have been in Oakland for many a year. The line-up includes Nicki Sicki (ex Sick Pleasure, ex Humungus), Dave Chavez (ex Sick Pleasure, ex Code of Honor), Geza (ex Exodus), Sean Sutton(ex Attitude Adjustment). Verbal Abuse first formed in 1981 or 1982.

LUCY: What is your definition of hardcore punk?

NICKI: Thatí a hard one, but it is definitely attitude over all else.

LUCY: Thereís a rumor out there that you went to prison. What was that all about?

NICKI: Yeah, I went to prison in Texas for 8 years for speed. Not much more to say about that.

LUCY: What is the definitive Verbal Abuse song and where should people purchase this treasure?

NICKI: Iíd rather plug our new music, so how about: My Disease "If Speed Kills You're Looking at a Dead Man." We have a rough mix of that up on our My Space now.

LUCY: What do fans do to piss you off?

NICKI: Not come out to the shows.

LUCY: Nicki, youíre kind of a band slut, arenít you? Give us a breakdown on all the punk bands youíve been in:

NICKI: My first band was Legionnaires Disease out of Texas. Then in 1980 I moved to S.F. and started Sick Pleasure. Then after that I was in Verbal Abuse. Then came Afterbirth. Then a little prison stint. For a short time I was in Virginia and played with Dirtbag. After that, I had Humungus with Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys. Then we got Verbal Abuse back together again.

Here's a clip of Nicki with Verbal Abuse back in '83, performing "Paranoid" and more ...

LUCY: Whoís the biggest drunk in Verbal Abuse?

NICKI: Dave absolutely was, but now that heís stopped itís pretty much neck and neck.

LUCY: Whatís your favorite fast food restaurant and why:

NICKI: Good Karma is my favorite place to eat, but I guess for fast food itíd would have to be Burger King because they have a veggie burger.

LUCY: Good for you. Vegetarianism rocks. Is Nicki Sicki still obsessed with video games? Whatís the greatest video game of all time?

NICKI: Yes! The best game ever is absolutely Halo.

LUCY: Mine's Ms. Pac-Man. What else do we need to know about Verbal Abuse?

NICKI: We have a new record coming out. Plus a track on the Aggression comp. And 3 songs in rough mix form are on our My Space.

LUCY: Thank you. Itís been an honor talking with a punk pioneer who has survived so many bands and is still at the top his game.

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