May 6, 2007

BRAD: The Gears has been one of the best-kept secrets of Los Angeles for far too long. Is there any hope of a new record? (If not, when we establish Mystery Island Records, you’ll be our first phone call).

DAVE DRIVE: We'd love to do a live album. Sort of mix some old stuff with some new.

MIKE MANIFOLD: Give us a call when you're ready! In the meantime you can hear some new songs on the bands myspace page: They were recorded with Axxel, Spike, Brian Redz, and Sean Shift a little over a year ago.

BRAD: What is the current line up of The Gears?

THE GEARS: Axxel G Reese on vocals, Kidd Spike - guitar, back on drums is the one and only Dave Drive, and the newest member whose been in the band since 2005 is Mike Manifold on bass.

BRAD: I saw you guys perform with The Plugz (and I think The Germs) back in ‘79 in Highland Park, sort of a high school party gone insane. Any of you have any memories of that show?

DAVE DRIVE: What Gig? No.

MIKE MANIFOLD: I wasn't around back then but I've heard people's stories about jocks with fake mohawks who got punked in the audience! Axxel doesn't remember it though, I asked him.

BRAD: It was on Figueroa. Well, we'll forgive you. The Gears were the opening band and all members were wasted. What are some of the other bands you guys played with/play with in L.A.?

DAVE DRIVE: We used to play with The Germs, The Controllers, X, The Blasters.

MIKE MANIFOLD: Nowadays we play with a mix of old and new bands like Mad Parade, Comprehend, The Scrid Hunters, PrimaDonna, The BillyBones.

BRAD: Do cholos come to your shows?


MIKE MANIFOLD: In Highland Park at Mr T's they did! They loved us!

BRAD: Who wrote “Let’s Go to the Beach”? That song is so fuckin good it should have been a radio hit.

DAVE DRIVE: "Crazy" Ruben Urbina, Axxel, and I.

BRAD: Tell us a scary Gears story:

DAVE DRIVE: Listen to Elks Lodge on the Ground Zero record.

MIKE MANIFOLD: I know a scary story. One time we were playing a gig and we almost ran out of beer!

BRAD: What’s the most violent show you guys played?

DAVE DRIVE: The Elks Lodge show!

BRAD: Your favorite punk band other than The Gears is:

DAVE DRIVE: The Ramones.

BRAD: For our pop culture fans: When you guys were little kids, did you ever carry metal lunchboxes to school? If so, which ones?

MIKE MANIFOLD: I had a Happy Days one. You know the one with Fonzie saying Ayyyy! on it!

BRAD: Who drinks the most beer in the group?


MIKE MANIFOLD: I bet these guys would get paid in kegs of beer if they could.

BRAD: Tell us something we need to know about The Gears:

MIKE MANIFOLD: The GEARS are still rocking and doing shows around CA. We're doing a gig with some local punk bands in Upland soon at an all ages venue called Biacci's. On June 30th we're doin a benefit for autistic kids for E.E.K. at Johnny's Bar in Hemet. Also we're doing a show in Glendale in August (24th) with PrimaDonna and some very special guests! Get more info, pics, and listen to songs at the band's myspace page:

"The Gears Interview" by Bradley Mason Hamlin and photo of Lucy Hell with Gears logo © 2007 Mystery Island Publications. Band photo from the collection of The Gears. All rights reserved.