January 2009

LUCY: Deadbolt has the creepiest/coolest bass rhythm in rock & roll. Tell us how the "wall of thunder" came together.

R.A.: No, thank you, I don't believe I will. Not that I don't want to tell you, it's just a very long and drawn out story. But I can tell you that we're the only Band with two Bass players AND can make it work. That's all that matters. Next Question please.

LUCY: Okay, whatever. Did you really join the band for a carton of "smokes"?

R.A.: Yup, really did. But looking back I've would have done it for free. It's a touchy subject right now because I'm trying to quit smoking and have been a bit ornery at times.

LUCY: Yeah, you're kinda ornery. Give us a little R.A. Maclean history. Where are you from and when did you first pick up the bass guitar and start creating deadly sounds?

R.A.: I'm from Inglewood California, and started playing the Bass the same time we started Deadbolt (We needed one). Does High School marching Band count?

LUCY: High school marching bands are totally rad. What model of bass do you play and why?

R.A.: I am currently playing a black Fender jazz precision bass. It's my 7th Bass (I think). I've destroyed 3 Basses during Deadbolt shows and can't find 2 of them, so I've got 2 left. I like Fender cause it puts up with all the crap i do to them.

LUCY: Who's your favorite superhero?

R.A.: Iron Man. You gotta love a superhero who's also an Alcoholic. Probably the most realistic of the bunch.

LUCY: Demon in a Bottle, totally. What's the scariest thing that has happened at a Deadbolt show?

R.A.: Well nothing that has scared me. A couple things that made me go "Whoa, Shit!" but Scary? Notta.

LUCY: Tell us about your recent tour in Germany.

R.A.: It was during the Holiday Season in 2008. It was cold, but I had my Lake Tahoe Duds on so it didn't bother me. Germany is a great country to tour in, the fans are really supportive, the clubs were cool to us. And I love Gluhwein (Look it up). There were people who drove 500 miles to see us, now that's dedication. Look forward to doing it again.

LUCY: Tell us about Maclean's love for guns, airplanes, and ponies.

R.A.: Well country folk will sing about riding a horse or other groups talk about shooting a gun--at least I can safely say at least I've done both. A little known true fact about Deadbolt is we all had Weapons training by a U.S. Navy Seal. Great learning experience.

As for airplanes I've always liked WWII planes and last year flew in a B-17 Bomber over San Jose. It was a life long dream come true. Pretty damn cool.

LUCY: Right now you guys are arguably at the height of your musical careers with the 2005 release of I Should Have Killed You [Cargo/Headhunter Records]. "Tell Me Where He Lies" is definitely one of my favorite Deadbolt songs. Tell us about making the I Should Have Killed You album and what's coming next in terms of recording.

R.A.: Well I don't think we're at our "height"--cause that means the only direction to go is DOWN. Deadbolt is alive an well, thank you, and the music we've been playing for 20 years sounds still sounds pretty damn good.

LUCY: You guys kick ass. Your favorite Deadbolt song is?

R.A.: "Dad, why did my Friends explode?" Is a great live song and sounded great in the studio.

LUCY: Your favorite non-Deadbolt song is:

R.A.: "I just can't be Happy today"--The Damned.

LUCY: Who's the biggest drunk in Deadbolt?

R.A.: I honestly can't tell you. I think it would require a contest where we all showed up somewhere sober and started drinking till there was one man standing. I know it ain't me. I've got a Video of me nodding off in the middle of a set at a Reno show. Kinda reminds me that I need a couple of brain cells for the show.

LUCY: That would be great to see. What's the greatest beer in the world? Maybe we can help get you guys an endorsement.

R.A.: Hoffbrauhaus beer in Munich, Germany. Bar None, the absolute best.

LUCY: Are you guys all still madly in love with Jewel Kilcher?

R.A.: I've never been crazy about her. First she's sleeping in a van in PB when we lived there, then she's a folk singer, then a pop singer, and now a Country Singer. She needs to decide what she is, and then please go away. No, no love lost here.

LUCY: Your favorite venue to play?

R.A.: EMO's Austin, Texas

LUCY: Tell us something about R.A. Maclean that Deadbolt fans don't know.

R.A.: I like Pancakes. I don't know what the fuck to say! What, that I'm a blackout drunk? I'm drunk as I'm writing this? That there's a parrot on my shoulder? Deadbolt fans know a lot about us. And they're going to hear a lot more of us in the future.

LUCY: Thank you so much, Mr. Maclean!


“Deadbolt: R.A. Maclean Interview" by Lucy Hell.
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