--One man's obsession with a 1960's sit-com--

BRAD: I was born just three years before you, less than a year before The Munsters first aired, so I too, totally relate to that great time period of syndicated shows that grabbed our generation. What was it about The Munsters in particular that sparked your obsession?

MARKY: I started watching the show when I was 5. I guess it was the make-up and slap stick that appealed to me. But let’s face it, it’s the coolest TV show of all-time. The house, the cars, great cast, great stories, I guess I could give a speech, but I won’t.

BRAD: You’ve met some of The Munsters in real life. Who have you met and what was it like?

MARKY: I’ve met Al Lewis (Grandpa), Butch Patrick (Eddie), and Pat Priest (Marilyn), as well as guest stars like Frank Gorshin ... Al is the one I’ve hung out with the most. He used to own a restaurant in New York City and I used to go there all the time. I also would see him at toy shows and conventions. My favorite time was when he was running for Governor of New York (no, I’m not joking). We had dinner and talked about the show, sports, and even the Beatles!

BRAD: Who’s your favorite Munster and why?

MARKY: Grandpa. Because he was always busting on Herman and he had the cool laboratory in the dungeon where he would make all of his experiments. Plus he could change himself into almost anything; a wolf, bat, horse, woman, even chopped liver!

BRAD: What’s your favorite episode of the series?

MARKY: I’d have to say “A visit from Johann.” Herman has to teach one of Dr. Frankenstein’s “rejects” how to be civil and cultured. Fred Gwynne played a duel role, very funny!

BRAD: Tell us about your Munsters memorabilia collection:

MARKY: I started “seriously” collecting around 1990. I would have started a lot sooner, but I was unaware of the merchandise that was produced back in the 60s until a book came out in 1989. I helped contribute to the author’s revised version of the book that came out last year. I have a room in my house that is dedicated to it.

I own dolls, models, photographs (over 700), albums, 45s, tapes, CDs (about 150 different versions of the Munster’s theme), posters, masks and costumes, cookie jars, statues, lunch boxes, stand-up displays, videos, DVDs, train sets, t-shirts and jackets, magazines, jewelry, various food promotions (A&W soda, M&Ms candy, Hostess cupcakes etc.), puzzles, games, art work, trading cards, bobble heads ... I guess I can go on and on -- but why put you to sleep?

My collection has been featured in various magazines, newspapers and local TV. I am very proud it. I am also grateful to have such an understanding wife!

BRAD: How do you feel about The Addams Family?


BRAD: Besides The Munsters, what’s your other favorite TV show?

MARKY: My other favorites are Gilligan’s Island, Get Smart, Seinfeld, The Wonder Years ... “Modern” shows I like are My Name Is Earl, Everybody Loves Raymond, King Of Queens, Lost, Medium, Heroes (I’m totally obsessed with Ali Larter –- just kidding Rosa!)

BRAD: In the 80s, did you ever listen to Eddie and the Monsters?

MARKY: Funny story, one night in the mid 80s I was asleep and my mother came into my room saying “Eddie Munster is on TV!” It was around midnight and Butch Patrick was on a late show (“The Late Show With Ross Schaffer”). That’s when I first heard of Eddie and the Monsters. They played the video and talked about what he was up to. I remember the host saying that Yvonne DeCarlo was on the show a few weeks earlier, I was pissed ‘cause I missed it. I didn’t get the 45 until the early 90s.

BRAD: What’s Marky Munster’s favorite band?

MARKY: I have a wide taste in music; Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick, Misfits, Elton John, Manowar, Buddy Holly, Queen, Plasmatics ...

BRAD: When you were a kid going to school, did you have a Munsters metal lunchbox or something else?

MARKY: My oldest brother had the Munsters lunch box (long gone, aaaggghhhh). I had Kung Fu and Gunsmoke ... Mom, WTF?!

BRAD: Do you like Franken Berry cereal?

MARKY: No, I’m a Count Chocula man.

BRAD: Tell us something about The Munsters that we probably don’t know:

MARKY: Fred and Al came up with the idea of Spot the dragon.

BRAD: Awesome. Great talking with you, Marky.

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