BRAD: Hello and thank you for taking the time to talk with us on Mystery Island.

In early December you had what sounds like very painful surgery on your hand – so of course we asked you to do an interview that requires writing!

However, you received a cool gift from your sister that hopefully is helping. How is the Dragon Naturally Speaking voice speech recognition software working out?

MARIE: I am using the Dragon as we speak, so sorry it is taking me so long to get back to you.

BRAD: No problem, must be difficult having a hand injury when the Currie’s are obviously so tactile in artistic expression. Cherie has her chainsaw art, but you work with clay sculpture, don’t you?

MARIE: Yes. I worked in Clays since a very young gal. I won multiple awards as early as seventh grade and continued to sculpt and fire my own pieces. It will be quite some time after my hand injury that I will be able to sculpt again. But I can't wait, someday I'll begin again.

BRAD: Now, digging into your history as a sexy singer, you were approached by Kim Fowley and Joan Jett to sing for The Runaways before Cherie. Tell us what happened with that situation, and had you already been involved in singing?

MARIE: Oh, that's a funny one. He reminded me of Frankenstein and there was no way I was interested in anything he had to offer. My twin had other ideas, and it was all meant to be.

BRAD: A great part of your story is that you and Cherie did not let sibling rivalry stand in the way of a sister/sister team, and you still have a great relationship. Tell us about going to Japan together in 1978.

MARIE: That was one of the most amazing times in my life. Cherie and I had a blast. The Japanese people are truly gracious and they are crazy about blondes. This was my first trip to Japan and I'm so glad it was with my sister but I did go on to go to Japan again with my husband and Toto.

BRAD: Awkward being interviewed by the Japanese press when so young?

MARIE: It was very intimidating although they did everything in their power to make us comfortable. Thank God most Japanese know English which made our lives much simpler.

BRAD: Tell us how MESSIN' WITH THE BOYS came about.

MARIE: That's a very long story. But I still to this day believe it is one of the best albums we could've made. We had the best musicians, songwriters, and a tremendous amount of support. I look back at recording that album with a smile.

BRAD: How much did the members of Toto have to do with the production?

MARIE: My husband Steve Lukather was very protective and of course played on the album. I think all the guys either played or sang on the album. They were wonderful like big brothers.

BRAD: Which songs did you carry the lead on that album?

MARIE: I only carried the lead on one song entitled "Overnight Sensation." Cherie was always the stronger singer and she is still amazing to this day.

BRAD: Cherie's awesome, and both of you still look fantastic. What’s your favorite song that you two recorded?

MARIE: I think "Since you’ve been Gone" was my favorite, but it's been so long since I've heard the album. I might have changed my mind.

BRAD: Do you think the fans expected more of a hard rock album, given Cherie’s background with The Runaways? That must have been difficult when putting together a pop record.

MARIE: They might have expected something else, but the record company also had their own ideas and they wanted the most sellable product possible. I think if Cherie could've done it over again she would've made other choices.

BRAD: How do you think Riley Keough did portraying you in The Runaways movie? Were you consulted?

MARIE: I think Riley was amazing. I got to know her well before and during the film and we would run lines together on set. I find her so adorable, and I was so surprised to find out that she and my son Trevor have been friends for years. She will always have a huge part of my heart.

BRAD: Was it ironic at all having Tatum O’Neal, a contemporary from our generation, playing your mother in the film?

MARIE: I so enjoyed Tatum on the set and yes we were blown away when we found out she was playing our mom. Mom and Tatum got along so well on set and Tatum is a fabulous actress. She was always asking our mom questions and asking if she was playing her correctly.

BRAD: Where is your art focused now? Busy at work? Stealing moments with clay? Writing? Still singing?

MARIE: I am in the midst of a career change and finally going after my dream of writing greeting cards, poetry, and what ever else flows through my mind. I was a mortgage banker for 13 years and it is finally time for a change.

BRAD: Well, we would much rather hear about Marie the poet than Marie the mortgage broker, and Mystery Island is full of wild poetry, so stay in touch!

Thank you so much, Marie, and please take care of that thumb.

MARIE: I will sweetheart and thank you so much. Tons of love your way!

BRAD: Oh, wait a minute, before we get out of here we have to ask … was that really you kissing a sea monster back in 1991? Details …

MARIE: Yes it was! I was helping a friend shoot a commercial for ERREKA water in Tulsa Oklahoma. He was a total blast and I was seriously considering a career in special effects. The guy in the monster suit is Brian Penikus who went on to be extremely successful in the special effects industry. Take care Brad and thanks for the shout out!

"Marie Currie Interview" by Bradley Mason Hamlin.
Edited by Lucy Hell. © 2012 by Mystery Island Publications. Published: 02.06.12. All rights reserved.

Photos of Marie (and Cherie) Currie (other than promotional material) from the collection of Marie Currie.

Special thanks to Jewel Aposhian for the Hamlin Street pic.