with Special Guest: ALICE BAG of THE BAGS!


The interview team:

Bradley Mason Hamlin
Robert Berry
Dirk Arnett

Robert: We’re here today with Jane Wiedlin at Comic-Con 2008. How’s it going today, Jane?

Jane: Everything’s going fabulously!

Brad: Why comic books?

Jane: Well, it started out that I was a lifelong sci-fi nerd, and I started going to the conventions and it was really fun cuz I was signing autographs and I would get paid and I would take that money and spend it on stuff at the con, and then, last year I met Bill Morrison, one of the artists from The Simpsons, and we became very good friends, and we decided that we wanted to have our own comic book and it was going to be based on a superhero character that we created--about me!

So we created Lady Robotika, which is basically me. I get abducted by aliens, partially transformed into robot and then I become a superhero to free the oppressed, and it’s based on reality cuz that happens to me a lot.

Brad: That makes perfect sense.

Jane: Yeah, I get abducted like twice a month. It’s so annoying.

Brad: Is this gonna be a monthly comic book?

Jane: I don’t know how often it’s gonna come out, because first of all, our first issue is gonna be a graphic novel, so it’ll be three issues in one and that’s gonna come out next Spring and at the same time as that I’m gonna be releasing a CD of music of songs that I wrote kind of like inspired by the whole world of Lady Robotika.

Brad: What’s your favorite science fiction movie?

Jane: Of course, Blade Runner and then of the Star Wars six, Empire Strikes Back of course. Of course.

Brad: You a big Yoda fan?

Jane: I’m a big Han Solo fan, but yes I love Yoda as well.

Brad: Can we ask you some questions about the Go-Go’s? Are they all real bitches or what?

Jane: Are the Go-Go’s all bitches? Just me. The rest of them are really nice.

Robert: What was it like working with Sparks making the “Cool Places” song and video. That’s still one of my favorite videos.

Jane: Thank you. Well, it was really fun for me, because as a teenager Sparks [fan interrupts and Jane says: “Hey, keep it down!”] As a teenager Sparks was my favorite band, so, and then when I got famous I could meet famous people and so I met them and I got to sing with them. It was pretty fabulous actually—and now the Go-Go’s have actually incorporated “Cool Places” into our set, so we’re doing that song now.

Brad: On Mystery Island we do a lot of punk rock interviews, so I’m kind of interested in the punk rock roots of the Go-Go’s. When you started out did you actually consider yourselves punk?

Jane: I know it’s hard to believe, but we were punk.

Brad: You were friends with The Germs …

Jane: Yeah, I moved to Hollywood in 1976 and immediately became part of the L.A. punk scene and was a big fan of all the local bands and all the bands that visited. By '78 about the only people left that weren’t in a band were some of the girls so it was kind of natural for us to get together and start a band, the Go-Go’s. At first we didn’t know how to play and we just were pretty terrible sounding and as time went on we started learning how to play and luckily some of us had an affinity for songwriting and it just kind of developed and developed and then we got famous and rich and there’s someone else you need to interview. Where’s Alice?

Robert: Alice Bag from The Bags is here!

Alice Bag and Bradley Mason Hamlin. Photo by Robert Berry (2008).

Robert: All right, we’re here with Alice Bag from The Bags at San Diego Comic-Con.

[Jane grabs the mic].

Robert: Would you like to interview her?

Jane: Okay. So, growing up, was it weird being a girl?

Alice: It was hard when I went through the change.

Jane: Oh, turning into a man?

Alice: Yes, turning into a boy.

Jane: Oh, okay, and then when you became a woman, what was it like to be a woman?

Alice: Uh, it was bumpy.

Jane: Alice Bag is always very grouchy. Okay, we’ll start over. I was just kidding.

Brad: Did you play with The Germs?

Alice: Did I play up on stage with The Germs?

Brad: No, did you play the same gigs with The Germs? Were you friends with Darby?

Alice: I was friends with Bobby Pyn. That means I was friends with Darby before he was Darby. When he was Bobby.

Brad: What did they call the Germ girls? Were you a Germette?

Alice: No, I wasn’t. I was a Piranha, though, and so was Jane.

Brad: Tell us about the Piranhas.

Jane: The Piranhas date-raped me!

Alice: Come, let me interview Jane now.

Robert: The Piranhas date-raped Jane? Is that the scoop here?

Alice: No, she loved it. She was asking for it. It happened several times. She thinks aliens abducted her.

Robert: She says it happened in an elevator and she doesn’t remember it. So it might have been good or bad. She’s not sure.

Brad: Will there be an Alice Bag comic book?

Alice: I hope so. I want there to be, yes. That would be great.

Brad: What would be your super power?

Alice: I have so many. Probably something to do with cooking. Yeah, throwing burnt food at people or poisoning them with my cooking.

Robert: Where do your fans go that want to check out what you got going on?

Alice: Must go to alicebag.com.

Robert: Cool, well thank you so much for talking to us here.

Brad: A true great L.A. punk pioneer.

Alice: Well, obviously you don’t know me. Haha.

Brad: Thanks Jane & Alice! You girls are swell!

That's not all folks!

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