BMH: First of all we'd like to say we're still really enjoying Trio B.C. We listened to both of your albums before doing our review, and although Both Before I'm Gone establishes a great sound, you have noticeably grown from one album to the next. Obviously, there is a family passion and evolution at work. Tell us about your grandfather. He inspired the music?

NINA: Well thank you. Our grandfather used to play in a tejano band around the city of Runge Tx and Kennedy Tx. His band was called Trio B.C. Before he passed, he started losing his memory and the last thing he could remember really was playing in Trio B.C. Like those were his best memories ... We found a lot of power behind that. So we decided to name the album Trio B.C. We have a lot of love and passion for what we do, and so did he.

BMH: Tell us how it felt winning best punk song last year [2008] for "Clumsy Sky."

NINA: It was great! We didn't think we would win it.

BRAD: In the true tradition of great rock & roll, your band has intense sex appeal. What is the crowd reaction like? Are you getting hit on constantly by both men and women?

PHANIE: Haha, we have sex appeal? I don't even think we felt like that ... We love playing so I guess it shows. We give it our all. We have our fair share of guys lusting for Nina, and ladies. It's flattering.

BMH: Nina, tell us about your passion for Sylvia Plath. What is it you admire about her writing?

NINA: I've just always liked the mystery and darkness in her writing. Sometimes in my lyrics ... I try to tell a story without really telling it, if that makes sense. Not so literal. I want people to make what they want of it. Their own story.

BMH: Your lyrics suggest there is a poet inside you. Do you have poetic works you’re hiding or does everything end up in the songs?

NINA: I think pretty much everything I go through or observe ends up in a song.

BMH: Tell us as much as you can about writing “El Monte.” That song is so powerful.

NINA: It's about a street a few blocks from me called El Monte. A lot happened on that street :)

BMH: The model/make of instruments you all play:

NINA: Gibson Valley Arts Brent Mason Signature Guitars.
JENN: Fender P Bass.
PHANIE: Gretsch set.

BMH: Do you really call your van "Cobra Commander"? Ever play with G.I. Joes and Barbies?

NINA: Ha, we've played with both. She-ra and Jem are in the mix. That was our first van. Our new van is the Silver Bullet.

BMH: Cool, werewolf girls maybe. Did you ever carry metal lunchboxes to school? If so, which ones?

NINA: Nope, plastic or paperbags. We were not that cool.

BMH: Que lastima. We're all vegetarians/vegans on Mystery Island. Are all three of you vegetarians – and has it been a challenge finding decent food on the road? Kelly Ogden says she has to eat a lot of bean burritos from Del Taco ... but there’s gotta be a better burrito out there, yes? What do you love to eat?

NINA: Two of the three of us are ... We try to find vegetarian friendly places. Thai being our fav.

BMH: 2 out 3 ain't bad. Have you performed in east or northeast Los Angeles yet? [Cypress Park, Eagle Rock, East L.A., Echo Park, Highland Park (my home town), etc.] They would love you there. If so, how did it go?

NINA: We just played the Dia De Los Muertos event in East LA. We LOVED it. Great reception there.

BMH: The police sometimes have an unfortunate tendency to hinder more than help in terms of security and/or crowd control. Back in June of this year [2009] it was reported you ladies had a little scuffle with the police. Has that matter been resolved yet? Free to talk about it?

PHANIE: It's over! Our case was dismissed! A gay bar in Houston with off-duty officers got a little rough with Jenn and Nina. We fought the charges against them and got it dismissed from court. There was no need for it to get as bad as it did. We respect the law and respect those who work to protect the people and don't abuse their power. As for Chances, we are very saddened that they did not stand up for what they knew was wrong.

BMH: How’s Joan Jett treating you? Is she a cruel task-master?

NINA: She's a sweetheart. Very humble and down to earth.

BMH: Any good stories from touring with The Dollyrots or other Blackheart bands?

NINA: The Dollyrots have always been sweet. We saw them play here in SA and they were ghost hunting!! Phanie's jealous. It's her fav thing to do.

BMH: Your scariest moment on stage?

NINA: Waking out for the first time to replace Kristeen Young on the Morrissey tour.

BMH: Your happiest moment on stage?

NINA: Playing in Paris to 3,000 peeps.

BMH: Your sexiest moment on stage?

NINA: Lol, a lady doesnt tell?

BMH: Have you ever considered playing for coma patients? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate if you actually woke somebody up from the deep sleep?

PHANIE: Haha, apprently Geri Halliwell has already done that and we dont want to bite her style.

BMH: Well, you’ve woken us up in a very real way, and for that, we thank you.



"Girl in a Coma Interview" by Bradley Mason Hamlin.
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