Legs Le Brock and Nicole Morier. Photo by Napoleon Habeica.

LUCY HELL interviews:

LUCY: Introduce yourselves. Who’s in the current lineup of Electrocute? You have a new member, Legs Le Brock?

NICOLE: Hi. I’m Nicole Morier, please welcome Legs. I’m from Albuquerque, NM and she’s from Sydney, Australia. Now we live in East L.A. We also have a live band that plays with us featuring Bram Inscore (mini moog samples and guitar) Barbara Gruska (drums) and John Kirby (organ, synth and crazy sounds).

LUCY: Describe the Electrocute sound:

NICOLE/LEGS: Heavy metal bubblegum meets spaghetti western disco.

LUCY: What is the Gummi Zelle?

LEGS: It's Nicole’s publishing co. It means the Rubber room in German.

LUCY: The song “Tales of Ordinary Sadness” from Troublesome Bubblegum shows a familiarity with Charles Bukowski. Do you read his work? What do you think of Bukowski?

NICOLE: Yes, it was a reference to him. I’m not his hugest fan but I did like Post Office. And I think he is one of the few people to manage to romanticize Los Angeles. I had the line "ordinary sadness" in the song and then I realized the similarity to Tales of Ordinary Madness so I chose the song title.

LUCY: “Bikini Bottom” is a super fun song. How did you get involved with Spongebob?

NICOLE/LEGS: Our producer Mickey Petralia got us the gig. They were looking for some girly fun on the soundtrack because it was full of indie-rock boys.

LUCY: Your favorite punk band is:

NICOLE/LEGS: Jean Jacques-Perry and The Damned.

LUCY: I love your song “Sugar Buzz” from A Tribute to Your Taste. Do you take your sugar straight or do you prefer candy or cakes?

NICOLE/LEGS: We like dancing in cake.

LUCY: A Tribute to Your Taste seems to be out of print in America. Are you going to make those songs available again?

NICOLE: Talk to Warner Bros. They own the masters now, but Troublesome Bubblegum is available on Amazon and I Tunes.

LUCY: Are you working on a new album?

NICOLE/LEGS: We are currently working on two new albums, one with the band and one that is more of an electronic dance album that will include remixes.

LUCY: Tell us a funny story about one of your live performances:

NICOLE: Well, the owner of Gran Centenario Tequila made us stop mid show, when we played their annual party because she thought it was too obscene! Also Legs kicked a high heel off in Stockholm and it hit a bald guy square in the forehead.

LUCY: What is the greatest beer in the world?

NICOLE/LEGS: We don’t drink beer, but if necessary, Duvel.

LUCY: Ah, blonde ale. Yes, it's very tasty!

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