LUCY: Introduce yourselves. Who are the Dollyrots?

KELLY: We are three rowdy loud fast fun music playing monkeys. Well not the monkey part ... but two are boys so that's close enough right?

LUCY: Definitely, and for those who don't know them yet, their names are: Louis Cabezas and Chris Black.

Do you consider yourself a punk band? It’s been a long time since we’ve heard a new punk/pop sound that didn't comes across as punk lite.

KELLY: Ha. Always my favorite question. This time I will steal a quote ... "Punk is about what’s in your head, not on it," by Monkey of The Addics.

We are frustrated with our government, feminist, vegetarian, broke, not following musical trends and trying to change things through our music ... We play a lot of shows with bands that are following trends. I mean one time through town they're a punk band and then the next time we play with them they’re a screamo band. I think we’re still true to our roots. We're a real band.

LUCY: Who wrote: "Because I’m Awesome"? It just kicks ass.

KELLY: Actually that was mostly Luis. He rules.

LUCY: Do you think there will be pressure to come up with an equally awesome follow up song? Can you do it?

KELLY: I think we're always pressuring ourselves to write the best music we can and we haven't disappointed ourselves yet! We were worried that "Kick Me to the Curb," was the best we could do and then we wrote this album ... so much more to it!

LUCY: Is it ever hard playing gigs where there's so many dirty, smelly, boys?

KELLY: Teehee! This is a little known thing about me but I really like the way people smell. I know that might sound weird but man ... one of my favorite things in the world is a dirty sweaty show like Against Me. I like to get all the way up to the front and just breathe it all in. Seriously.

LUCY: Luis, Chris, is Kelly getting too much attention? Is she going to get all Gwen Stefani on you and go solo?

KELLY: Muah ha haha ha! They're not here so I will answer for them. NO WAY. It wouldn't be half as fun without them. And ... I'm not much of a dancer.

LUCY: There's a rumor out there that you three eat at Del Taco. Is this true? As a vegetarian [I am too!] it must be very hard to get decent food on the road.

KELLY: We eat SO MANY BURRITOS! And Subway. It can get old. I can't even begin to count the times I’ve asked, "Do you use lard in the beans?" and been answered with a completely blank stare. Grocery store stops RULE.

LUCY: Tell us a funny road story.

KELLY: Well, we have had a few fireworks "incidents." My favorite is from one time in Oklahoma City. We pretty much ALWAYS carry fireworks when we're on tour. I think it's because they're so available in some parts of the country and not others. Kinda like boiled peanuts but fireworks don't go bad. So after a particularly rowdy show we were hanging out behind the club trying to decide on our plan for the night. Everyone else was on the phone or barfing so Luis and I decided it would be a great time to whip out the fireworks. We’re in mid-celebration ... I mean dancing flowers whirling, smoke bombs bombing, and two roman candles in my hands when we heard the all too familiar “WHOOP WHOOP,” of a police car.

LUCY: We heard you love to read. What's your favorite book? What's your favorite reading material?

KELLY: Man. My favorite book. I'm really bad at the "favorite" game. My favorite book in a while is by my friend’s mom. She gave it to me at one of our Florida shows last week. It’s called "The Society of S," by Susan Hubbard. It's a great coming of age, Florida, vampire novel. I love reading and re-reading the classics. Quirky modern novels are also cool. I trade off between that kind of stuff, music related books and whatever people give me along the way.

LUCY: You played with one of our local Sacramento bands, The Groovie Ghoulies. How was that? Are the Ghoulies still cool or have they gotten big monster heads?

KELLY: I LOVE THE GHOULIES! One of my favorite tours ever was a US and Canada tour with them. I loved watching them every night. We also got our band mascot on that tour ... she was a joint custody baby for a while but I won! Her name is Sniffy, she’s a rat and we got her exactly 2 years ago this Halloween!

LUCY: We heard you did a spot on CSI New York? Tell us about that.

KELLY: It was well ... awesome. I think the audition was the best part. That and the craft services (yummy yumm food all day long)! Teeeheee. I had never done any acting before so I was so freaked out at the audition but apparently I ruled it. The actual filming was really fun. It's much easier than performing live on stage. If you screw up, you just do it again. I got them to agree to let the rest of the band do it with me so it was quite an adventure for all of us.

LUCY: Tell us about getting signed to Joan Jett's Blackheart Records. Was she an influence?

KELLY: Oh man ... yes. It took me the entire time we were on Warped Tour last year (6 weeks) to get up the nerve to talk to her. Finally ... we had two days left and I figured it was now or never. So … after their (Joan Jett and The Blackhearts) set I waited for her to finish talking and before my mind would agree with my feet they walked right up to her. I awkwardly introduced myself to her and she knew of the band! It was such a relief! We talked for a few minutes and I gave her our latest CD. Within a few months we were on Blackheart Records. It’s amazing to have one of your idols think what you do is good. I can’t even explain it really.

LUCY: Tell us a Dollyrots secret.

KELLY: This is actually a real secret ... we did a Joan Jett cover for a movie coming out next summer!

LUCY: What did we leave out? What else do we need to know about The Dollyrots?

KELLY: Ummmm ... that we like treats and love talking to you!

LUCY: Thank you so much. You really are awesome.


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