LUCY: A new 45 Grave fronted by the original cemetery girl herself, Dinah Cancer, is indeed a necessary evil. Will we get to hear new recordings as well? A new 45 Grave album is a must.

Di: Jeremy and I have been working on 15 new songs. So when we get back from the European tour, we'll be getting those songs ready to record. Still the same scary music. Keeping in the traditional 45 Grave vein as they say, our favorite Heavy-Metal-Psychedelic-Post-Punk-What-the-Fuck-Ghoul-Rockers.

LUCY: Tell us about the new tour:

Di: We are getting ready and very thrilled to be going out to Europe. 45 Grave hasn't played over in Europe yet so this is a treat. And we are arranging a fun set for Europe. Selections from Autopsy, Sleep in Safety and the 12". Plus the hits as well. "Evil," "Riboflavin," "Partytime," and some other surprises. I think they'll enjoy them. Coming with me : Lisafer, Jeremy, Kenton, and Stevyn. It's a fun line up. I'm sure we'll have a bloody good time.

LUCY: Tell us a scary road story:

Di: Seeing George Bush's face on a billboard.

LUCY: You once said you were inspired by a Whisky A-Go-Go show featuring The Ramones and The Runaways in 1978. It wasn't long after that you were on stage yourself. What was your first live performance with 45 Grave like?

Di: We played at the Hong Kong Cafe. That was my first performance ever on stage. Between being nervous and wanting to puke, I'm sure I got some of the lyrics wrong. But I was dressed as a dead catholic school girl. The guys had fun with the make up. We were playing some of the old Consumers songs and we had started to write "Black Cross" and "Wax."

LUCY: Your original drummer, Don Bolles, came from The Germs. Did you know Darby Crash? If so, what was he like?

Di: Darby was nice guy. Always listening to Bowie. He was an intigater of pranks. He had his gang of people with him. The girls were the Germets. That would have Lorna, Melissa, Gerber, me, and various guys that would float in and out of the group. I never got a germs burn. I told Darby it was stupid and not to burn me. He liked that. So I was in.

On stage, he was a magnet. You were hypnotized by his presence. Maniamal decribes Darby to the hilt. His followers were devoted, and followed him as pranks were pulled. People would tease us about being the DC's. Dinah and Darby.

The last time I saw Darby, we were talking about music. He mentioned about how music was. He gave me a tip: Keep true and be yourself. You have to fight and keep on fighting. He passed away a week later.

LUCY: Tell us a little about being filmed for The Decline of Western Civilization:

Di: The interviews were being filmed on the top of the Slash Records building, off of Melrose. So there were about 15 of us that came out for it. I came with my GF Jennifer. I did her make up for the shoot. She was asked to be in it so I tagged along. Darby was there along with Eugene, Alice bag, Pat Smear and the rest of The Germs. I was 18, a wee punk.

Everyone was drinking. The Germs later would be Frisbeeing their 7" 's off the roof at the cars below. I was surprised that I made it into the film and the poster. I had just become part of the Germets. So I was still pretty green. It was a fun afternoon.

LUCY: Did you get to hang out with any zombies on the set of Return of the Living Dead?

Di: We were part of the post production team. So we didn't get to go on the set. We were given the rough cut print to write around the movie. Most of the shooting was done and being edited. There was no sound, just the images and barely audible talking. Extreme rouge cuts.

Enigma called us and said they found this project that was looking for punk bands for their horror movie, ROTLD. That we would be perfect with our looks and sound. SPOOKY! They liked the energy of "Partytime." They had all ready picked The Cramps, The Damned, and most of Enigma's rouster ended up on the soundtrack. We told them sure. It was cool to do music for a horror movie! Enigma also pressed the soundtrack of the movie as well. We are all horror buffs.

But I did rewrite the lyrics for the movie, Return of the living Dead. Well, they loved the music, but the movie company did not like my lyrics. The record label asked if I could change the content of "Partytime" for the soundtrack. So we came up with the Zombie version. The child abuse story didn't sit well with them.

But then record labels never read anything. It's based on a story that I read in a true crime mag. The insanity and cruelty went on. So that "Partytime" is about child abuse but it is written as a tribute to the little girl, Sabine. The song is about what her family did to her and how she didn't deserve it. The best was when the movie opened and we went to the the screening. That was when I met some of the people involved.

It was a fun time and I wouldn't trade it.



Very young, getting kicks
crusin' around, 56
drinking beer, driving fast
This party is their last
They'll dance on the graves
The lost souls, Satan's slaves
They don't know the acid rain
Is coming down to make them insane
Do you wanna party, it's partytime
We got to party, It's Partytime
Shifting gears, wasting gas
This party is their last
Paid their wage of sin today
That's life but the dead say
Do you want to party ...

(Here's a youtube of "Partytime" with the original lyrics + some random Return of the Living Dead footage).

LUCY: What's your favorite horror movie?

Di: Do we have a couple of days? I'm a horror movie junkie. I'm normally at home watching DVDs when we aren't in the studio. My all time fav has to be SUSPERIA. Argento is one of my Horror gods. I saw that in the theatre out here in Hollywood when it was released here in the states in the 70s. I was "WOW!" And it was brilliant. I love the soundtrack too. Goblin!!! At that time 45 Grave was going strong so we took a little bit of that influence to our project. Bava is also a fav of mine. I grew up watching movies like Black Sabbath, Black Sunday, Hatch for a Honeymoon and more on our horror afternoon. I have a number of them on DVDs and play them for my children. Giving them the proper horror schooling. My fav directors are Bava, Burton, Carpenter, Argento and Coppola. I enjoy Rob Zombie's work.

LUCY: Aside from 45 Grave your favorite punk band is:

Di: MMMMMMMM, there is too many of them. LOL! Ramones, The Damned, The Germs, The Bags are a few. I still listen to The Dead Kennedys but my tastes change so much.

LUCY: What do fans do to piss you off?

Di: Writing and saying that I don't care about them.

LUCY: What is the secret of color-dying without drying out and ruining your hair?

Di: I've found that if you stay to darker color, your hair is better off. The high maintenance colors will damage your hair due to the amount of bleaching that you have to do to maintain the color. With dark purple, I can let my roots grow out a little and give my hair a rest. Plus, condition the crap out of your hair. My hair has a mind of its own. The color bleeds and sometimes it turns out good. I use Manic Panic colors and my bleach kit is Revlon. I do my hair myself unless I can find someone to cut it.

LUCY: What's something that no one has asked that you'd like to talk about?

Di: Maybe later ... :)

LUCY: Thank you, Dinah! We love you.

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"Dinah Cancer of 45 Grave Interview" by Lucy Hell © 2007 Mystery Island Publications. Published 05.19.07. Photos of Dinah Cancer from the collection of Dinah Cancer. Edited and formatted by Bradley Mason Hamlin. All rights reserved.