LUCY: Tell us the secret origin of Deadly Seven. How did the Most Dangerous Band in the World come together?

D7: The moon was blood red on the 7th day of the 7th month of the year 2007. We were entwined in an ancient blood orgy about to sacrifice a new born baby when Satan himself rose from the fire nearby ... ok ... ok ... that's not the story ... but it sounded good ... well to us ... we're high as kites right now. Here's what really happened:

We are all ex Vegas showgirls. Working like dogs day in and day out in this archaic mothball of a show called "SPLASH" at the luxurious Riviera hotel and Casino on the Strip. Getting paid the same wages as showgirls in the 60s. One day without notice they decided to shut down the show. Which was truly a blessing for art, culture and society in general. We decided one day while sitting around on a 4 day Ether binge to create a rock group. It was basically a joke. Then we met Mr. D our evil Manager who took all 7 of us in. The whole Deadly Seven name came about because Seven Dwarves was already taken.

LUCY: Of course we know the Deadly Seven are: Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Sloth, and Wrath, but tell us something more about each individual, so our readers can get to know you better and pick their favorite Deadly girl.

D7: Gluttony is truly Gluttonous. Dont think Morbidly Obese Donut Eater. Think Coked Out Cock Eater.

Envy is truly Envious of all of the other girls in the group.

Greed wants what each girl has. She wants all the Coke and Cock for herself.

Lust actually has the most cursed position in the group. The first Lust went crazy and is in a mental institution.
The Second Lust O.D.'d on stage.

R.I.P. "Lust" No. 2.

And we are all taking bets on how this one will end up. 20 to 1 says jail.

Pride is well prideful, literally and wants everyone to know it.

Sloth is just that ... got her name cuz she was the last one to show up when we were picking names.

And Wrath will kick your ass and mind.

LUCY: I suppose our readers would like to know if you ever have orgies, all together, mixing the seven deadly sins so to speak. Details?

D7: We all fight, drink, get high and fuck together.

LUCY: What instruments do you play? Who/what/et cetera?


Pride - Keytar
Sloth - Guitar
Gluttony - Guitar
Wrath - Drums
Greed - Keyboards
Envy - Bass
Lust - Herself

LUCY: What’s the craziest thing that has happened on stage so far?

D7: Gluttuny O'D'd, LUST 2 DIED, ENVY gave birth.

LUCY: How do you handle all the horny stupid guys that come to your shows and wanna grab onto you?

D7: Depends if they are hot stupid horny guys or ugly?? Well ... the only thing that changes in that equation is how much light we leave on in the room when we fuck em, lol.

LUCY: Who’s the biggest slut in the band, Lust?

D7: I'd have to say SLOTH ... We call her "dig em up and fuck em." They dont even need a heart beat for her.

LUCY: Do you write your own music? Who’s writing those great lyrics?

D7: We write. Someone the other day told us our songs were covers?? Paaalease ... maybe I shouldn't go to sleep with the radio on?? I am writing this new one "Stairway to Heaven." It's going to be huge!!

LUCY: Tell us about the new album, Dirty Blood Covers.

D7: Covers of Punk, New Wave classics ... our full length original album PARASITE CITY is coming soon ... but dont hold your breath. We have to first stay out of jail and rehab long enough.

LUCY: What’s your favorite cover song that you’ve turned Deadly? My favorite so far is The Circle Jerk’s “Wild in the Streets.” You girls did a kickass job on that, for sure.

D7: That's a cover? See I knew it! Damn radio ... If I had to choose I would pick "RISE ABOVE" by Black Flag.

Here's Deadly Seven sexing up Romeo Void's "Never Say Never."

LUCY: If you could have super powers what would they be?

D7: To tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.

LUCY: That would be totally rad. What does a guy have to do to be in one of your shows, any good blood rituals?

D7: He has to give us each a cherry cheesecake. That's when you cum on our faces and punch us each in the nose.

LUCY: You obviously have a thing for cherries. If you could fuck anybody in the world—who would that lucky person be?

D7: You!

LUCY: Lucky me.

Bonus Question: Tell us a Deadly secret:

D7: This upcoming Album Bloody Covers ... take a close look at the red ink. We each put our menstrual blood into the printing on our cover. Now that's no lie!

LUCY: Mentrual blood is holy and should be worshipped.

You are all, all the way totally hot. Thanks for keeping punk rock sexy.

Kisses, Lucy


“Deadly Seven Interview" by Lucy Hell. Edited by Bradley Mason Hamlin.
© 2009 by Mystery Island Publications. Published: 1.14.09.
All rights reserved.

Photos of Deadly Seven from the collection of Deadly Seven.